The world is already crazy and everybody should participate to make them still a little more crazier. WE will arise early enough.

“… And thus it came to pass that one day my childhood heroes knocked in my door and wanted to enter….”

yoshi-introOk, completely so it was not, but that these heroes live again with us, is not quite wrong.

It has started with the idea which many have – pearl motives. But the internal high-class-loving stinker has forbade to me formally to copy something that there is quite 1000-fold a million times.

“We program 8 bits in 3D and in RealLife”… Our beginning and our motto. The restrictions were clear:

  • Every sculpture may exist only of plain cubes equal in size,
  • 256 colours are the upper limit and
  • the result must just tie up, how the original.
  • No sooner said than done…

Every sculpture is built of “bits”. Every “bit” is a 1 cubic centimetre hardwood cube which was treated with high-quality Schmincke-acrylic ink. Thus originate the in colour variations which allow to feel a texture.

Completely in manual labour of several hours is made every piece incredibly.

And these unique specimens look for a new home… Maybe you allow to beat them also with yourself at the door 😉